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What Is The Cost of Installing An AfterMarket Body Kit To Your Prestige Vehicle?

The world of automotive customisation has never been more expansive than it is today. One popular type of modification is installing an aftermarket body kit onto a car, which changes the appearance drastically while also improving aerodynamics in certain cases.   But what exactly does this entail? And how much does it cost?  Often people have little understanding […]

Why Custom Installation of Personal Number Plates is Important

When you have invested in a prestigious vehicle you may also want to add personalised number plates to showcase it even further.  Whatever your inspiration for the actual number plates once you have them you will be investigating how to have them installed.  We know you want them to look their best and enhance the […]

How To Prepare Your Prestige Vehicle For Concours Judging

The concept of Concours judging, also known as Concours d’Elégance, came about more than 60 years ago, as a way of exhibiting the most exquisite, elegant, well designed and well-maintained cars of the day. Those judging are required to have an in-depth knowledge of different makers, models and as well as a firm understanding of vehicle engineering.  So […]