What Is The Cost of Installing An AfterMarket Body Kit To Your Prestige Vehicle?

The world of automotive customisation has never been more expansive than it is today. One popular type of modification is installing an aftermarket body kit onto a car, which changes the appearance drastically while also improving aerodynamics in certain cases.  

But what exactly does this entail? And how much does it cost? 

Often people have little understanding of what’s involved and the importance of finding the right company to install the aftermarket kit, especially someone who specialises in prestige cars and does quality work. 

This is more important than price! 

The price of aftermarket body kits is not usually set when the customer first asks about the kits – after all, it is a whole-car aftermarket luxury kit installation and there are so many factors to take into account. 

The aftermarket luxury car kit installer needs to see the vehicle, decide whether it’s workable or not (from a technical point of view), inspect for damage, assess the aftermarket kit and the vehicle as a whole, then make their recommendations. 

To get a good aftermarket luxury car kit installer to look at the job, you will have to contact one and speak to them about aftermarket kits and bring in your vehicle so they can inspect your car and give you an estimate to install aftermarket luxury vehicle kits. 

Then the aftermarket car kit price must be taken into account as, if it is from a good brand like Bosch or Visteon, the kits are expensive. Consequently, this must be added to the total installation. 

The truth is it is difficult to set a price for the installation of an after-market body kit until seeing the vehicle, understanding the kit, and then beginning the process. 

So what exactly goes into fitting an aftermarket body kit? 

Here’s the breakdown: 

The first step is to have the aftermarket kit designed. The aftermarket body kit provider will usually provide a simple design on flat paper which then needs to be recreated into a three-dimensional image using computer software. For something relatively straightforward like this, it may cost $300 or more. 

From here, the aftermarket kits need to be purchased. Once again, this cost will vary depending on what’s included with the aftermarket kit. For an aftermarket body kit that consists of a front and rear bumper cover, it could be as low as $2,000 or more than $10,000. 

Once received from the aftermarket kits provider, the aftermarket kit needs to be installed. Most aftermarket body shops will charge a flat fee for the installation work and usually, this ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 in most cases. 

If you look after your aftermarket body kit well then you can expect it not to be faded or damaged after a couple of years. If aftermarket body kits are properly taken care of and not exposed to too much sun, then they may last up to 10 years or more. 

Evidently, it is extremely difficult to quote a price on the installation of an aftermarket body kit, given the number of steps, processes and different options at play.  

There are many companies out there that offer aftermarket kits but few of them have the prestige and quality to stand up against the likes of Porsche.  

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We know what it takes to find a perfect fit for your car so call us today if you want more information!