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Private & Insured Repairs

If your pride and joy is involved in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get your vehicle repaired.
At Exclusive Auto Centre we can provide estimates on the cost of your repairs and facilitate a quick approval from most of Australia’s major insurance providers, to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We can also provide private repairs for your discretion.

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Custom Number Plate Fitting

More up-market vehicles often put style and aesthetic over certain functionality elements, and the most telling aspect of this is with your vehicle’s number plates. Where more conventional vehicles will have a place specially designed for fitting your vehicle’s number plate, many prestige and performance vehicles don’t, opting instead for a purely streamlined vehicle design. This means that to even use your vehicle in Australia, the most common solution is to drill new anchor points in your vehicle’s bumper to which you must bolt your number plate.
We at Exclusive Auto Centre are not common repairers, however. We can fit your number plate to your vehicle with specialty techniques designed to leave your vehicle’s existing body undamaged, for the uncompromising driver.

car scrape armour protection before after

Scrape Armor

Many exotic vehicles have an exceedingly low clearance under the vehicle, particularly at the front bumper. In fact, even a typical late model sedan will have an average approach angle of about 6°, with the average driveway being almost 8°. With that in mind, it’s not a case of if your vehicle scrapes against the ground below it, but when.
We at Exclusive Auto Centre have partnered with Scrape Armor to offer a range of products to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage. Only 0.2mm thicker than most vehicle’s OEM bumper hardware, Scrape Armor provide the thinnest front splitter protection available, fitted using a full 3D scan of your vehicle to ensure a precision, seamless fit. All Scrape Armor products come with a lifetime guarantee against wear and tear, offering customers a free replacement should your new skid plate ever wear down to less than 0.2mm of protection.

exclusive auto centre dent removal

Panel Repairs

We provide a comprehensive range of panel services for all makes and models of vehicles, including:

  • rust removal
  • panel replacement using quality original and reliably sourced secondhand parts
  • welding of steel and aluminium panels
  • refabrication and reshaping work
  • and much more
paintless dent removal

Paintless Dent Removal

In instances where the metalwork of your vehicle is dented or damaged but the paint above is unharmed, most repairers will strip the paint away to repair the metal underneath, before respraying the affected area. This can inflate the cost of your repairs to include the sanding and repainting process, even if the paint was originally unharmed.
Our technicians have the specialty equipment needed to smooth out the metalwork without damaging the paint. Paintless dent removal can help us expedite our repairs and get you back on the road, sooner and cheaper than otherwise.

exclusive auto centre spray painting

Spray Painting & Refinishing

We can repaint your vehicle with a formula of PPG, Glasurit or Dulux paints, specially matched to your vehicle’s existing colour. This is done in one of our purpose built spray booths to ensure the smoothest possible coat with minimal flaws.
We also offer other refinishing services including paint protection films.

underneath car chassis

Chassis Realignment

After an accident there’s a good chance your vehicle’s chassis, the structural framework of your vehicle, is bent or warped out of shape. On top of making your vehicle undriveable or causing other mechanical issues, it also makes your vehicle less safe to yourself and other road users without proper repair.
We have the equipment to provide chassis repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. From specialty chassis measurement equipment to compare your vehicle to its showroom specifications to the realignment tools needed to get your vehicle back into shape.

car detailing service


Complete detailing of your vehicle is an ideal service to prepare your vehicle for sale to reap maximum price potential. From a wash and polish of the exterior to polishing of chrome, a thorough cleaning of the interior and other touch-ups as required.

swissvax products


At Exclusive Auto Centre, our goal is to help our customers get what’s best for their car, which is why we stock a comprehensive range of Swissvax car care products for our detailing work.
From an extensive range of body cleaners, waxes and accessories to the equipment we use for our own detailing work. Our range of Swissvax products can have your vehicle’s windows, glass, metal, chrome, leather, and other interior surfaces looking like new again, made especially available for the car enthusiast.