Why Custom Installation of Personal Number Plates is Important

When you have invested in a prestigious vehicle you may also want to add personalised number plates to showcase it even further.  Whatever your inspiration for the actual number plates once you have them you will be investigating how to have them installed.  We know you want them to look their best and enhance the look of your vehicle without causing damage to it.

Personalised plates come in different shapes and sizes and the installation can be tricky, some even are framed or flexi which can be very challenging to install.  The most important thing is that you are confident they will stay in place through all conditions without devaluing your special vehicle by drilling unnecessary holes.

If you really want to install the personal plates yourself here are some things to keep in mind.

Firstly the existing number plates will need to be removed.  There are a number of things you should keep in mind if you are looking at tackling this yourself including:

  • They may have been attached with screws. The screws may also have screw covers in place. Keep in mind that the location of the screws on the existing plates may not align with the new personalised plates.
  • They could alternatively have been attached using double sided tape which has a very strong adhesive. You will need to be patient if trying to remove yourself.  A piece of fishing line gently yet firmly pulled back and forth between the vehicle and the back of plate is your best bet if trying to do this yourself.  Professionals have tools which are much more appropriate for removing double sided tape.

Next you’ll be excited about installing your new plates.  Take the time to look at the new plates closely and the location of the previous plate on the vehicle.

Fitting with Screws

  • Mark the position of the holes. If the new plates are the same size and shape as the previous plates you can clamp the old plate over the new one to use as a guide.  We recommend drilling the holes from the back of the plate although some people prefer to use masking tape on the front of the plate before drilling through.
  • Drill through and clean away any residual dust.
  • Fix the new plate in place using new screws if possible. If you don’t have new screws simply clean up the old screws and fix in place.
  • Screw covers will protect the screws and give a cleaner modern appearance.

Fitting with Double-sided Tape/Pads

  • Ensure the back of the new plates are clean of residue and dust.
  • Handle each double-sided pad individually by removing the backing and sticking to the back of the number plate. More pads will ensure a more secure fit but could make it more difficult to remove later.
  • When you are confident the plate has sufficient double-sided pads hold it up against the number plate location without touching the vehicle to ensure you are attaching in the correct position.
  • Press firmly into location on the vehicle and hold steady for 10 seconds or more and ensure even pressure across the double-sided pads.
  • Allow to cure for a short period of time and then check it is securely attached.

If you are in doubt please contact Exclusive Auto Centre

Exclusive Auto Centre will ensure your existing plates are removed without damaging your vehicle and your new personal number plates will look their best.  Prestigious brands refer their clients to us to custom install number plates on new vehicles so you know we are the best.